It’s Saturday night, and you have no idea what you are going to preach about on Sunday morning. You’ve looked through your Bible, and haven’t found just the right passage. If this situation sounds familiar, Henry L. Knight has the answer to your problem. In his new book, “Prepared Just for You: 66 Gospel Messages,” Mr. Knight has done all the background work for you. Each chapter is organized by theme, followed by an explanation of the Scripture, citation of supporting Scriptures, and conclusion that summarizes the message. He has provided a well-researched starting point for your own message to your flock.

As Pastor Knight explains in his introduction, “Preaching/teaching is hard work, for you must stay before the LORD, seeking His will for your life, in order to do the will of the LORD. When there is a divine call on your life, you must stay before God to be able to deliver a Gospel message to God’s people.” This book will not only make selecting a message easier; Henry L. Knight’s insights will lead you to a deeper understanding of the lessons of the Bible.

Published by Milligan Books

The autopathography is an inspirational story told by Henry L. Knight, who was at a loss for words when he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. As a pastor, teacher, and author of five books, he rarely found himself in this condition. How could this happen? He ate all the right foods, exercised, and got enough rest. How could his body turn on him like this?

In his book, “Death Came Knocking…But Life Answered the Door,” Pastor Knight chronicles his struggles to overcome this cancer. He embraces the fact that he became ill through no fault of his own, and began simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation treatments for 31 days. But it is God that he credits for his full healing, God who sustained him through this dark time and ultimately made him whole.

Maybe your life or a loved one’s has been touched by cancer. Or maybe you wish to stay as healthy s you possibly can, Pastor Knight explains how to maintain good health, both physically through regular check-ups, diet, and exercise, and spiritually through faith in the LORD and “storing up timber” for tough days ahead.

This book can serve as a blueprint for anyone with cancer. You can choose life over death!

Published by Milligan Books

“There is a price to pay by being in the ministry,” says Henry L. Knight, author of What is Preaching? “One must always be ready to preach!”

Pastor Knight has written this book to stimulate the minds of those preachers and teachers who are called by God to deliver the Word of God everywhere they go. His philosophy is to remind these special souls of the great opportunity available to them to speak of the life everlasting to everyone who will listen.

The author quotes II Timothy 2:15: “One must always ‘Study to show thyself approved unto God.'” Furthermore, Pastor Knight encourages those who would preach and teach by saying, “When we stand behind the sacred desk, we have a charge from God to ‘herald’ the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is good news to the listener. Jesus said, ‘I have come that they might I life.’ (St. John 10:10) People want to hear how they can get rid of their aches and pains and when the Gospel is preached, the Holy Spirit fills the scene as the presence of the Son, exalting and revealing the Father.”

Inspirational and educational, Henry L. Knight’s What is Preaching? is all these ideals and more.

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